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Teacher Survey of Enacted Curriculum: Mathematics

Teacher logs based on the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum revised for FAST study.

For our Feedback on Alignment and Support for Teachers (FAST) Study, we are using teacher surveys and logs based on the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC). These tools have been developed and refined over the years for use in measuring teachers' instruction and the content of curriculum, standards, and assessments. They measure instruction at the intersection of specific topics and levels of cognitive demand. C-SAIL revised the SEC in the fall of 2015 to include content that is more reflective of current state college- and career-readiness standards. 

The revised "Main" SEC can be used by other researchers to measure instruction or curriculum. However, if a research project is focused on particular grades, we encourage the researchers to consider modifying the list of topics or cognitive demand levels to better align with the grade level under study. For instance, we are revising the instruments to better align with elementary mathematics by adding more detailed topics in the areas of operations and fractions and by altering the cognitive demand levels to represent the levels covered in fourth grade standards.