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Standards Implementation in Ohio: Local Perspectives on Policy, Challenges, Resources, and Instruction

In this document, we present survey findings in three main sections—(1) the policy attributes; (2) challenges to implementing standards, resources respondents use to help them meet the challenges, and the resources that they report wanting more of in order to continue improving their implementation; and (3) the content of instruction.

These analyses help us answer the following C-SAIL implementation research questions: (1) To what extent is the policy system specific, consistent, authoritative, powerful, and stable, at the state, district, and school levels? (2) What is the nature and quality of support and guidance at the state, district, and school levels (e.g., challenges and resources)? and (3) How are teachers changing the content they cover, and how does this differ for ELA and math as well as for teachers of English Language Learners (ELLs) and of students with disabilities (SWDs), and for elementary and high school teachers?

Research Report
Laura M. Desimone, Adam K. Edgerton, Rui Yang
Year of Publication: 

This analysis examines select questions from a spring 2016 survey administered to districts, principals, and teachers in Ohio regarding standards implementation and instructional changes.