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Common Core State Standards

How Well Aligned Are State Assessments with State Standards or Common Core/Next Generation Science Standards?

In U.S. public education, states are responsible for most policies for curriculum, instruction, teacher preparation, and assessment of learning. A significant change in the state role has taken place in the past decade, particularly when 45 states decided to adopt the Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics. Separately, 26 states worked together to develop standards for science education, the Next Generation Science Standards.

Year 1 State Report: California

This report examines how the state of California is continuing CCR standards implementation during a time of transition. For the purposes of this report and in keeping with C-SAIL’s focus, we concentrate on implementation of California’s English language arts (ELA) and math standards.

Assessing the Impact of College- and Career-Ready Standards: Findings, Challenges, and Future Directions

What The Standards-Based Movement (Really) Got Wrong

Teacher Implementation of College and Career-Ready Standards: Challenges & Resources

Roughly seven years have passed since the majority of states adopted college- and career-readiness (CCR) standards. Some states adopted the Common Core State Standards while others adopted their own versions of CCR standards.

The Challenges District Administrators Face: A comparison of C-SAIL and Gallup Poll findings

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