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Laura Desimone | March 29, 2018

To generate a more complete picture of how states are implementing new English language arts and math standards, C-SAIL has partnered with five states—Kentucky, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Texas—to compare and contrast their approaches to implementation.

The geographically diverse states represent a range of policies and characteristics. These include both Common Core and non-Common Core states; states using PARCC, Smarter-Balanced, and other assessments; and states with differing concentrations of English language learners.

Implementation Study
Standards Implementation

Mengli Song | March 28, 2018

To date, 42 states and the District of Columbia are implementing the Common Core State Standards, and others have adopted their own challenging state academic standards. Such broad adoption means that examining the effect of new, rigorous standards is one of the critical questions facing education researchers over the next decade.

Longitudinal Study

Katie Pak | March 27, 2018

A presentation providing state-verified data about the timeline of implementation of college- and career-readiness (CCR) standards and aligned assessments in each state and the District of Columbia.

Morgan Polikoff & Toni Smith | March 26, 2018

To assist teachers as they implement challenging state academic standards in the classroom, C-SAIL is developing a new intervention.

The Feedback on Alignment and Support for Teachers (FAST) Intervention uses the tools from the Measurement Study to provide feedback to teachers on the alignment of their instruction to their state standards and offers instructional support for improving their alignment. The effectiveness of the intervention will be tested in a randomized controlled trial.

FAST Program Study

Nelson Flores | March 25, 2018

English Language Learners

Doug & Lynn Fuchs | March 24, 2018

Students with Disabilities