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Year 2 Conference | Measurement Study Presentation

Measurement Study presentation from C-SAIL's first annual "A Conversation on College- and Career-Readiness Standards" in November 2016.

Teacher Implementation of College and Career-Ready Standards: Challenges & Resources

Roughly seven years have passed since the majority of states adopted college- and career-readiness (CCR) standards. Some states adopted the Common Core State Standards while others adopted their own versions of CCR standards.

"PLC Rounds" Open Educator Meetings to Community Stakeholders

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Developing New Measures of Teachers' Instruction: Part 2

One of the guiding questions for C-SAIL’s Measurement Study is, “How reliably can raters code the content of teachers’ assignments and assessments?”

We find that raters can code mathematics assignments quite reliably, but that they struggle to code English language arts (ELA) assignments. In this post, we discuss why we think this finding is important and what the implications are for our and others’ work.

Why Kids Can't Write