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English Language Learners

Webinar | Framing Bilingualism as a Resource in Standards-Aligned Classrooms

Presentation begins at 19:30 | Join C-SAIL and Dr. Nelson Flores (University of Pennsylvania) for a presentation on Dr. Flores' work on framing bilingualism as a resource in standards-based classrooms.

English Learners and ESSA’s Four-Year Graduation Rate: An Interview with Julie Sugarman

Search The essence of ESSA: More control at the district level?

Both rhetorically and substantively, the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) served as a rebuke to the now-unpopular policies pursued by both the Bush and Obama administrations (American National Election Survey, 2018; Edgerton, 2019). Not only did it reduce the discretion of the secretary of education but also it allowed states greater flexibility in meeting the demands of standards-based accountability.

How the Common Core Lives: Successes and Challenges of the “New” College-and-Career Readiness Standards

Lessons Learned on Standards Implementation from State and District Leaders

What are states doing to support ELLs in becoming college- and career-ready?