Standards Implementation

Was Race to the Top Too Much of a Race?


With the Obama administration drawing to a close and the Department of Education partially retreating from 15 years of highly active, interventionist education policy, it seems an appropriate time to analyze the effects of the signature Obama education policy, Race to the Top. 

Implementation Findings: Authority in Massachusetts and Ohio


We have begun to analyze our interview and survey data from 2015-2016. Here I highlight key findings from our teacher, principal and district surveys, as well as our state and district interviews, beginning with the role of authority in Massachusetts and Ohio.

Policies gain authority through:

Common-Core Reading Materials Get Mixed Results in First Major Review

Is it true that “what you test is what you get”?


Education Policy Reform Processes: Lessons from India


As a research assistant in India this summer, I am able to witness what education policy reform looks like across the globe, as Indian policymakers develop a new National Education Policy (NEP) for the first time since 1986.