Implementation Study

Top Five Challenges to Implementing College- and Career-Readiness Standards, as reported by Teachers


Teachers are the primary implementers of college- and career-readiness standards.

How the Common Core Lives: Successes and Challenges of the “New” College-and-Career Readiness Standards


Successes and Challenges of the “New” College- and Career-Ready Standards: Seven Implementation Trends

This study identifies seven major trends in how states and districts are implementing college- and career-ready standards for general education students and for two special populations often the target of education policy—English language learners (ELLs) and students with disabilities (SWDs). We draw on state-representative teacher, principal, and district surveys in three states—Kentucky, Ohio, and Texas—and case studies in nine districts.

Teacher Implementation of College- and Career-Readiness Standards: Links Among Policy, Instruction, Challenges, and Resources

Using state-representative teacher surveys in three states—Texas, Ohio, and Kentucky—we examine teachers’ implementation of college- and career-readiness (CCR) standards. What do teachers report about the specificity, authority, consistency, power, and stability of their standards environment? How does their policy environment predict standards-emphasized instruction?

Overview of C-SAIL’s Year 1 and 2 Implementation Study Findings

This brief details six themes that emerged from C-SAIL's Year 1 and 2 Implementation Study survey and interview work in California, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Texas.