FAST Program Study

To assist teachers as they implement college- and career-readiness standards in the classroom, C-SAIL developed a new teacher support program.

The Feedback on Alignment and Support for Teachers (FAST) Program uses the tools from the Measurement Study to provide feedback to teachers on the alignment of their instruction to their state standards and offers instructional support for improving their alignment. The effectiveness of the program will be tested in a randomized controlled trial.

The Program

The FAST Program is directly targeted at the key flaws in current implementation of standards-based reform, and uses the most cutting-edge tools available, including smartphone applications and instructional videos. It has three components:

  • A real-time, online, personalized feedback mechanism based on the revised Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) framework to provide each teacher with specific, accessible, and instant information on how aligned their weekly instruction is to college- and career-readiness standards and the provision of accessible materials and examples related to addressing specific areas of improvements calibrated to the personalized feedback.
  • An offsite coach to assist the teacher in understanding and applying the materials and examples.
  • School-level collaborative academic study teams (CASTs) that provide teachers the opportunity to engage in substantive discussions with each other to share strategies for addressing their alignment feedback.

Research Questions

  1. Is the Feedback on Alignment and Support for Teachers (FAST) Program implemented with fidelity?
  2. Does the FAST Program lead to greater alignment of teachers’ content coverage with state standards?
  3. Does the FAST Program lead to increased student achievement as measured by state and Center-developed assessments?
The FAST program will be free for schools after testing is complete.